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How it works!
  1. Once the surrogate's application and medical records have been cleared, we will arrange a meeting between the intended parents and the chosen surrogate. If everyone wishes to move forward, she will move on to the psychological /medical screening phase

  2. The surrogate will be scheduled to have a psychological evaluation with a licensed therapist

  3. Once she has been given psychological clearance, she will be scheduled to undergo medical screening with the IVF doctor. This includes blood work for herself and spouse/partner (if applicable), a vaginal ultrasound of her uterus and fallopian tubes, along with a hysteroscopy 

  4. Screening results take approximately 7-10 days to come back

  5. Once medical clearance has been given by the clinic, we can then move into the legal phase. SoCal Surrogacy offers the best referrals for both the intended parents and surrogates

  6. Once legal clearance is given by the drafting attorney, the third party reproductive nurse will work with the intended parents and their surrogate to arrange medication start dates and the embryo transfer date.  SoCal Surrogacy will stay in constant communication with all parties during this time

  7. At 12 weeks pregnant, your surrogate will be transferred to an obstetrician in their area. SoCal Surrogacy will attend the medical screening appointment, transfer, and several OB appointments as well as the birth.  We are available to the intended parents and surrogate in person, by phone/email/text throughout the entire journey

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